Monday, May 16, 2011

First Impressions - Home Base

I chose Gaywood Gay Mens Nude Beach as my first home base.
Its a nice small area with a few nice homes and the Gaywood mall nearby.
Note that familiar SL merchants like Neon Coyote, Energy, Yang Style, Be Real and SF Design are here in Avination.
Avination is UK based however the time here is based in Pacific Time Zone like SL....go figure.
Currency is C$ and you can exchange lindens for C$ at terminals in SL or pay for them via paypal. Exchange rate seems to be about the same.
A quick search for gay friendly/ orientated content showed several options to follow up on. Also many familiar SL residents and groups have opened accounts here...though some don't visit often. You can register and reserve your SL name, groups, and busineses here and I think that was part of my decision to check out another virtual world as well.
However, don't expect the usual face to face meeting of tons of avatars, the grids seem like ghost towns at the moment. But there are CASINOS and slot machines and such here. I'm looking forward to putting some time into that in the next few days. Other than that, I'll be looking for places to photograph and share with you.